Millennium Bicycle Station Chicago

Facility Design and Implementation
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation

CDOT Bike Lane Project (1999-Present)

The City of Chicago’s CMAQ Bike Lane Project involves the planning, design, and construction of new bike lanes on streets in the city of Chicago. Since 1999, CBF has provided project management and support staff for the Chicago’s Bike Lane Project. As the lead designer, CBF has been responsible for the planning and designed over 70 miles of new bike lanes.

Project tasks included determining appropriate locations, surveying locations, preparing pavement-marking plans and contract documents, developing strategies for design variance approval, and supervising construction.

CBF’s project manager is responsible for managing a 4-person team of field technicians and drafting engineers, analyzing field data and coordinating with city traffic engineers and technicians. CBF consultants also represent the CDOT Bicycle Program in meetings with the Chicago Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Highways and Phase 1 engineering and design consultants, responding to concerns of regarding accommodating bicycles on major arterials and effects on vehicle Level of Service (LOS). CBF’s consulting staff has extensive experience presenting proposed bike lanes to community and business organizations and responding to local concerns voiced at meetings regarding bicycling safety, education and enforcement.

CBF conceived and conducts guided bicycle tours for transportation engineers and planners. The tour focuses on bike lanes constructed in each of the last 5 years, highlighting intersection channelization, design updates and relaxing of minimum parking and lane width requirements to accommodate cyclists on relatively narrow city streets. Mr. Jackson has developed expertise explaining the intricacies of bikeway engineering and safety considerations to both transportation professionals and members of the public.

CDOT Bicycle Parking Program (1999-Present) Millennium Park Bicycle Parking Station (2003) The Millennium Park Bicycle Station will be a state-of-the-art bicycle parking facility in downtown Chicago. The facility will feature secure long-term parking as well lockers, showers and bicycle maintenance. CBF was hired to research existing conditions that will affect the use and programming of facility and assist in the preparation of a Request for Proposal for the operation of the facility. Downers Grove Bikeway Contract Plans (2004)


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